Monday, January 30, 2012

Basket full of Dominos

The possibilites are limitless for the end usage of these cool, vintage, wooden dominos.  There are over 100 early 20th c. dominos, and they are being sold in a new, willow rectangular basket.  Dominos are 4" x 1 1/2".  Basket is 27" l., 20" w. SOLD

Ceramic Lamp

Mid-century ceramic lamp with warm, natural colored glazes. 30" h., 13" w.  American, c.1960's SOLD

Vintage World Globe

Great decorative vintage world globe on it's original teak stand.  38" h., 19" w.  American, c.1960's SOLD

"Reginald Mills" Art Deco Travel Poster

Reginald Mills is known for his commercial illustrations, portraits, landscapes and coastal scenes. He exhibited numerous works at the Royal Academy, The Royal Society of British Artists and The Royal Institute of Watercolourists. Mills lived in West Hampstead and painted in Sussex and Cornwall.  This is one of the best pieces graphically of his that I have seen.  It was done for the Cunard White Star Line and is signed Reginald Mills, 1937.  46"h., 34"w. framed.  English, c.1937  SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; "The Photograph"

In this charcoal on paper, Olexander depicts a still from a Soviet film of the early sixties, roughly translated "We'll Make it Through until Monday".  In this scene, a teacher having a particulary difficult day finds an old photograph of herself and ponders both her youth and what life might have been like had she chosen a different path.  We as viewers are seeing this scene from the point of view of the teacher and become part of the moment.  79" l., 42 1/2"w.  framed.  Canadian; 2011 SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; Profile

This portrait depicts Françoise Dorléac in the role of Nicole in the '64 film "The Soft Skin." 
The portrait has a striking resemblance to Catherine Deneuve, who as it turns out is the younger sister of Dorléac. Canadian, 40" l., 32" h. framed.  SOLD

Monday, January 23, 2012

Club Chairs

Nice contemporary take on a classic club chair, these chairs have tufted backs, turned front legs on casters and decorative upholstery tacks framing the sides, back and base.  New SOLD

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Jacques Bodart" Dining Table

Jacques Bodart was a French designer and maker of very high quality furniture that was produced in the U.S.  He took his inspiration primarily from antique French pieces and interpreted them in a way that was appropriate for the period.  Bodart designed and produced from the 1920's through the mid 20th century, and showed in Harvey Nichols in London, their own showroom on Madison Avenue in New York, as well as other fine retailers.  This dining table, which is signed on the table and each leaf, is 57" l., 44" w. and 30" h.  It has three leaves, each of which is 18" wide.  With all leaves in, the length is 111".  American, c. 1950 SOLD

"Henredon" Dining Chairs

Set of 6 (4 side and 2 arm) chairs made by Henredon.  They are very well made and have caned backs and upholstered seats.  Henredon is still making very high quality furniture today under their own brand as well as producing for Barbara Barry and Ralph Lauren.  American, c.1970 SOLD for the set of 6

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mahogany Bookcase

Handsome, mahogany Empire bookcase with four adjustable shelves, key lock glass doors and ball feet.  Larger companion piece of bookcase previously listed.  47"l.,  14"w.,  55"h.  American, c. 1890. SOLD

Ebonized Sideboard

Very elegant ebonized sideboard with burled inlay, metal beading and mesh door fronts.  The sideboard has three Wedgewood medallions, each of a different Neoclassical design. 68" l., 17" w., 41" h. English, c.1880  SOLD

Friday, January 13, 2012

"Stow Davis" Partners Desk

Very cool, very ample, and very handsomely designed, this Stow Davis partners desk has brass drawer pulls, feet and accents, and a finished back.  There is a large drawer for hanging file folders on the right side. 76" l., 38" w., 29" h.  American, c. 1950's SOLD

I found a great ad from 1957 for a desk from the same collection.  The ad was designed by Edward Lehman, who was a well respected artist and illustrator, and who I just realized lived very close to where I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and was a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy....
During the time the White House was redecorated under Jacqueline Kennedy, she ordered prints of a Lehman painting of the newly restored Green Room to be given as the Kennedys' 1963 Christmas gift to the White House staff. After the President's assassination in November, she had the prints delivered to staff members with a note thanking them for their "untiring devotion."

"Lane Furniture" Chest

Chippendale style small chest of drawers made by the Lane Furniture Co.  This nicely proportioned chest has beautiful inlaid borders on the drawer fronts and top, brass pulls and brass handles on each side of the chest.  30" l., 18" w., 27" h.  American, mid 20th c. SOLD

Mid-Century Chest

Beautiful details on this six drawer chest with inlaid drawer fronts, brass pulls, feet and accents.  56" l., 19 1/2" w., 33 1/2" h.  American, c.1960 SOLD

Thursday, January 12, 2012

ZOLA JESUS "Sea Talk" @ the Blast House

Favorite song heard on the road this week.....beautifully haunting voice reminiscent of Siouxie and This Mortal Coil/ Cocteau Twins.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pair of Neoclassical Jardiniere

Exceptional pair of Neoclassical style, ebonized and gilted, tall, metal jardiniere.  These planters take their inspiration from ancient Roman braziers (fire containers). 42" h., 20" diam.  French, first half 20th c. SOLD

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Olexander Wlasenko; "Walking Woman"

"Walking Woman" is the second piece from Bergman's The Silence.  This moment captures Gunnel Lindblom once again.  Here she is seen in profile against the backdrop of an active streetscape.  27 3/4" l., 20 3/4"w.  2010 SOLD

Friday, January 6, 2012

Olexander Wlasenko; "Reflection"

As the title indicates, this work shows a mirror reflection. The actress is the beautiful and icy Monica Vitti. Her doubled image is interesting since it shows two very different portraits of the same individual. This doubling is as uncanny as it is haunting... 27 3/4" l., 20 3/4" h. framed  2010 SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; "Glint"

"Glint" is inspired by a split second of film. The movie is Bergman's The Silence. This moment features
the back of a woman sitting in a cafe. This anonymous figure belongs to Gunnel Lindblom. She is
surrounded by men and sits applying her make-up. The glint of her cameo sparks the
scene with a flash of light. This is literally one-twenty-fourth of a second in the film.  27 3/4" l., 20 3/4"h.  framed.  2010 SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; "The Pledge"

"The Pledge" features Monica Vitti, with her magnetic screen presence from the film "L'avventura". The male has his back turned. She appears in a gesture that suggests an oath.  27 3/4" l., 20 3/4"h. framed.  2010   SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; "Bust and Scratch"

"Bust & Scratch" is a play on words with the title and the picture. Bust is  a homonym
 for a head-and-shoulders statue as well as an idiom for damage. One's a noun, the
other's a verb. The scratch is just that, in this case a scratch in the celluloid. It just happened to be
there at the moment the classical bust is being depicted. It's literally there for a split second. If you
blink, you'd miss it. Olexander captured this from a Swedish source "Miss Julie". There's a playfulness
in this lugubrious scene. A play between surface (fragile film emulsion) and pictorial depth (the classical bust). 27 3/4" l., 20 3/4" h. framed.  2010 SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; "The Diver"

"The Diver" is a discrete moment from L'avventura, an Italian film from the early sixties.  It shows the
moment of a diver plunging into the sea. It is depicted in the film from an elevated point of
view, as we can see the balding head of an observer. However, Olexander drew this from another
perspective; from a forced, lower vantage point. In effect, there are two conflicting perspectives which
underscore the tension between the watcher and the watched, the diver and the spectator. In the end,
we are all observers.  27 3/4" l., 20 3/4" h. framed  2010  SOLD

Olexander Wlasenko; "Writing on the Wall"

From Truffaut's  "400 Blows"  36" x 60".  2011  SOLD

New Works by Olexander Wlasenko

A timely posting on this Ukrainian Christmas eve....
Olexander is a Canadian artist of Ukrainian descent.  His Ukrainian heritage has had a strong influence in both his life and his art.  Olexander's work has often mirrored social realism and Ukrainian and Eastern European history.  Currently, European film stills of the sixties are his main source of inspiration.  Olexander's medium of choice is pigment on paper.  This is, in his words, "because of the form's immediacy and because it evokes neo-classicism".

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"American of Martinsville" Chest

Mid-century chest of drawers by American of Martinsville.  This chest has had some 1970's updates from it's original 1950's state.  These include a paint job and the addition of large round casters where the original tapered legs would have been.  The updates feel pretty fresh today....40 year later.  American, 1950's/ 70's SOLD

"American of Martinsville" Cabinet

Companion piece to the A.of M. piece listed earlier.  This cabinet has 3 louvered drawers and the doors open to reveal 3 additional drawers and 2 shelves.  60"l.,  18 1/2" w., 25" h. SOLD