Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

"May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early!  My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall!"  -Aleister Crowley  
Wishing you all a triumphant 2014, and thank you for being a part of a wonderful 2013 at Michael Thomas!  

Pelican Perpetual Calendar

If you need a date for the new year, might we suggest this unique, Art Deco, pelican perpetual calendar?  The copper calendar has all of the original month and week cards and is set to go right now for January 2014.  5" h., 4"l., 3" w.  American, c. 1940 SOLD

Handled Vase

Large two-handled stoneware vase with a beautiful celadon glaze.  12 1/2" h., 8" diam.  American, c. 1940's SOLD

Stag Lamp

Handsome, patinated copper stag lamp with original fiberglass shade.  It would make a nice little accent lamp where a soft light and a decorative element are desired.  19" h., 8" l., 5" w.  American, c. 1940's  SOLD

Monday, December 30, 2013

"Fendi" Fur Cape

We're back in fashion!  My Holt's roots are showing again and I think the new year might see a little more "fashionable" Michael Thomas.  This fur, leather and silk cape was hand-tailored by Fendi in 1968.  The detailing is sensational with an abundance of silk roses and the woven leather work.  Add a pair of riding boots and a pair of tapered pants or jeans and your 1968 cape is set for 2014.  It fits sizes 8-12.  Italian, c. 1968 SOLD

Sunday, December 29, 2013

While we were out......

Thank you to our dear friend Brent who did a great job of sitting while we were away.  He was very tired after giving Parker and Kitt some fashion tips on how to wear leftover cracker crowns.  Is it just me or was he more than a little influenced by the films and style of Katherine Hepburn?  "The calla lilies are in bloom again....."

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Inn

We just returned from a little Christmas break at our favorite inn.  This was our tenth year at the Aurora Inn on Lake Cayuga in Upstate New York.  If you are looking for a beautiful, relaxing retreat and want to be spoiled with picture perfect scenery, sensational food and luxurious accommodations, it is highly recommended.  Dale, Linda, Carmella, Alex and the rest of the warm and wonderful staff at the inn complete the experience.  It is an easy drive from Toronto, Port Hope and most points in Southern Ontario.  You can check out their website at  http://innsofaurora.com/
Now that we have had our break, we will be getting back to business tomorrow at Michael Thomas and we will be open from noon until four.  Our hours for the rest of the holidays are....
Dec. 30, 10-5
Dec. 31, 10-2
Jan. 1, Closed
and then business as usual .......

Monday, December 23, 2013

Kathleen Battle - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Boys Choir of Harlem

I was just getting into the Christmas groove and listening to one of my favorite performances of the Messiah with Kathleen Battle. Surfing on line, I found this performance of hers, with the Boy's Choir of Harlem. Pretty magical!

Happy Holidays!

We wish everyone a warm and bright Holiday Season!  That greeting has taken on new significance after the last few days here in Port Hope .....as well as many other areas of Ontario and Quebec.  We now have heat and power in the shop and will be open until 5 p.m. today.  We will be open tomorrow until one and closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  Please check back later this week for our schedule for the remainder of the holidays.  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Toni Hamel; "On Our Way to the Market"

Toni Hamel, "On Our Way to the Market".  Graphite and watercolor on paper.  Framed, 21" l., 17" w. SOLD

Toni Hamel; "We Stand on Guard for Thee"

Toni Hamel, "We Stand on Guard for Thee".  Graphite and watercolor on paper.  Framed, 21" l., 17" w. SOLD

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oak Work Desk

Nice solid piece that has lived a few lives, but has many left.  Most recently, this handsome and wonderfully patinated oak desk was a fixture in the studio of an internationally recognized Canadian artist.  It has three drawers, a slightly slanted top and slightly tapered legs.  60" l., 38" h., 31" w.  American, c. 1900  SOLD

Toni Hamel; "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Toni Hamel. "The Pursuit of Happiness".   Graphite, watercolor, thread and hook on paper.  Framed, 28 1/2" l., 20 1/2" w. SOLD

Toni Hamel; "Vanitas"

Toni Hamel, "Vanitas".  Graphite, watercolor and acrylic jewels on paper.  Framed, 28 1/2" l., 20 1/2" w. SOLD

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Set of Brass Candlestick Holders

Classic set of three brass candlestick holders with ebonized columns.  Tallest is 8 1/2" h., bases are 2 1/2" square.  American, c. 1950's SOLD

Monday, December 16, 2013

Old School Christmas

I read a story on a Facebook friends' page today about receiving a very unexpected package from a childhood friend with whom he wasn't really in contact anymore, except the rare interaction on FB.  His friend sent him a package of favorite childhood treats that her mother used to make and deliver to his family.  Perhaps it is just getting older, or perhaps things are changing really fast, but for the last few years there seems to have been a change in the world that is catching everyone off guard, particularly at Christmas.  From conversations with many friends, acquaintances, and clients, I have found that lots of people are feeling it too.  Yesterday we cut down the tree, and last night it was decorated.  For the last two years, I have been on the tinsel train.  There is something very nostalgic and beautiful about tinsel shimmering against the white lights and ornaments that have been collected over many years.  Some of the red balls are from my parents' classic tree that was the same for fifty years.  Some are ornaments that date back to the twenties.  We always had tinsel on the tree when I was growing up and I wasn't really a fan, but now it takes me back to some really nice times.  The term "the true meaning of Christmas" seems to have become somewhat cliche. For me the true meaning of Christmas is found in stories like the one I read on FB today and in taking a step back from the world and relishing the memories and glimpses of Chrismases past.  So while I am a retailer, I suggest and hope we can all take a step back and not worry too much about buying gifts, but enjoy the season and friends and family and maybe even surprise an old friend!  Merry Christmas.

Pair of Flower Basket Bronze Girandoles

Here is another set of girandoles, perfect for adding a highly decorative element and a bit of punch to almost any interior, even the most modern.  This pair of prism-hung candle holders are gilt-bronze, and each is in the form of a basket of flowers. The bases are Danby marble.  15" h., 6" l., 4" w.  American, c. 1840  $250.00 for the pair

Inlaid Wooden Box

Nicely patinated wooden box with inlay patterned top and sides.  Great for gifting.  12 1/2" l., 9 1/2" w., 4" h.  American, c. 19th c. SOLD

Gilded Mirror

Stylish mirror with a mottled, gilded frame and smoked, mirrored glass panels on the top and sides.  American, c. 1970's

Neoclassical Settee

Elegant and finely crafted Italian Neoclassical style bench with a caned seat and x-back.  The caning is in excellent condition.  This piece would be a sophisticated addition to a foyer, hallway or at the foot of a bed.  39" l., 34" high, 18 1/2" w.  Italian, early 20th c. SOLD

Pair of Bronze Eagle Bookends

Handsome pair of early cast bronze bookends in the form of a bald eagle.  5" h., 6" l., 5" w.  American, c. late 19th c.  SOLD

Vintage Conch Shell

Baby it's cold outside (about -18 right now) so we thought it would be a good time to turn your thoughts to the beach for a moment with this beautiful and very decorative giant conch shell. 14" l., 7" w., 6" h. SOLD

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pro Infirmis «Because who is perfect?»

Beautiful and very inspiring.  Seeing the smiles on the models faces when they see their mannequins is so wonderful.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dr. Martin Wilckens; "Wall Panels, Natural History of Farm Pets"

Just back from our framer and this one is a beauty!  This is one of our favorite of the original first edition prints of Dr. Martin Wilckens' "Naturgeschichte der Hausthiere" (Natural History of Farm Pets).  They were published in Germany by Theodor Fischer in 1878.  This one is of a more anatomical nature and has vibrant colors.  While published in 1878, the colored prints feel somehow very modern, especially in the white shadowbox frames.   33" l., 33" w.  German, c. 1878 SOLD