Saturday, November 30, 2013

Period Pictures

If you check out our blog regularly, you might have noticed that, when possible, we like to post period pictures of pieces we have in the shop.  I think it's interesting to see pieces in original photos, ads or editorial layouts and what life and interiors were like when these pieces were new.  This picture was taken in the early 1950's at the Clemson House at Clemson University where my dad went to school.  That's him in the striped tie with the very pretty Miss South Carolina in period polka dots.  You might recognize the chairs from yesterday's posting.....early Eames...... probably pretty fresh off the showroom floor.  The whole restaurant was furnished with them.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Pair of Eames DCM Chairs

Pair of iconic, early, Eames DCM chairs.  The chairs have molded plywood seats and back supports with a walnut veneer.  The frames are black steel.  American, c. 1950's  SOLD

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Charcoal Gray Friday

We won't be offering any "door buster" specials tomorrow for "Black Friday" sales on I Pads or I Phones, Furbys or Leapfrogs.  However, we will be doing something that we have never done before.  For one day only, we will be offering all fine art, both contemporary and period, at a reduction of 15%.   If you have had your eye on a particular painting or drawing, or if you were thinking of a piece of art for a holiday gift, tomorrow is the day.  If you are not able to come into the shop tomorrow, but would like to take advantage of this very special opportunity, please email or phone, and we will be happy to accommodate.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

"I am grateful for what I am and have.  My Thanksgiving is perpetual....O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches.  No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession, but enjoyment." -Henry David Thoreau     
Wishing all of our American family, friends and clients a very Happy Thanksgiving.

"Our Daily Bread" Plates

On the eve of American Thanksgiving, we thought it a good time to offer this charming set of six glass plates.  The rim of each plate reads "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD", and there is an image of a sheaf of wheat in the center.  The plates are all in excellent condition and would make great salad or luncheon plates.  11" diam., 2" h.  American, c. early 20th c.  SOLD

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pair of Abstract Sculptural Lamps

Looking for something hip for your pad?  These 1950's lamps might be just the ticket.  They have ebonized wood and brass abstract form, sculptural bases and their original pink, gold and white striped fiberglass shades.  Both the bases and shades are in pristine condition.  The lamps give off a wonderful, warm glow.  24" h., 14" diam.  American, c. 1950's SOLD

Chinese Chippendale Style Pagoda Mirror

Stunning, carved giltwood, Chinese Chippendale style mirror.  This ultra-chic, highly decorative mirror has an outer frame composed of small flowers and scrolling acanthus leaves, and is topped with an intricately carved pagoda.  If you are looking for the ultimate Chinoiserie statement piece, this is it.  36" l., 31" h. Italian, c. 1950  SOLD

"Barnard & Simonds Co." Screen

The Barnard and Simonds Furniture Company was founded in New York in 1898, moved to Michigan in 1959, and was purchased by Baker Furniture in 1967.  They specialized in American and English Country reproductions and adaptations.  This cool and unusual screen/ room divider is very well made, quite substantial, and features wire mesh inserts.  The mix of the solid wood on the bottom panels and wire mesh on top allows for a feeling of both division and openness.  48" l., 75" h., 1" w.  American, c. 1960 SOLD

"Bradley and Hubbard", "Laboureur"

Bradley and Hubbard was founded in 1852 in Meriden, Connecticut and was best known for producing fine metal pieces; sculptures, bookends, vases, etc., as well as decorative lighting.  A brief and interesting history of the company is available on the Smithsonian Institution website:

This rare and handsome, wonderfully patinated and beautifully detailed bronze is entitled "Laboureur" which translates to Plowman.  The Plowman stands proudly and confidently with one hand on his waist and the other on his plow.  There is a nice contrast in tone and texture between his skin, clothing, plow and earth.  This contrast, paired with the way the artist has handled the draping of the clothing, creates a lively play of light and shadow on the piece.  26" h., 12" l., 10" w.  American, c. 1890  SOLD

Friday, November 22, 2013

Rosewood and Mahogany Shelving System

Super stylish and forever functional, this modern shelving system has eight adjustable shelves and a drop-front, key lock desk unit with storage compartments and a writing surface.  The shelves feature rosewood veneer and the inside of the desk unit is mahogany.  Each unit is 37" l.,  14"w., 79" h.  American, c. 1960's SOLD 

Shop Dog

Parker is working in the shop today.  I put her on commission.  Be careful if you come in, she will do anything for a sale/ chicken treat.  She has already made two sales!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Toni Hamel, "Transference"

Graphite drawing with watercolor on paper.  Unframed, 15" l., 12" w.  SOLD

Toni Hamel; "The Rising"

Graphite drawing and thread on paper.  Unframed, 27" l., 19" w.  SOLD

Toni Hamel; "The Blinding"

Graphite drawing with watercolor on paper.  Unframed, 20" l., 16" w.  SOLD

Toni Hamel; "The Wait"

Graphite drawing with watercolor on paper.  Unframed, 16" l., 16" w.  SOLD

Toni Hamel; "The Healing"

Graphite drawing with watercolor and thread on paper.  Unframed, 20" l., 16"w. SOLD

Toni Hamel; "The Lingering" Exhibition at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Congratulations to Toni Hamel on a wonderfully received and critically acclaimed exhibition, "The Lingering" at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery.  It is a highly personal exhibition exploring the complexities of domestic life, particularly as they affect a female artist.  The exhibition will be closing this Sunday, but if you have a chance to visit, it is well worth the drive to Oshawa.  Currently at The McLaughlin, there is also a small show celebrating sixty years of "Painters Eleven".

Exhibition Catalog with image of "Homemaking" (Homemaking SOLD)

Toni Hamel, "The Exodus"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dr. Martin Wilckens; "Wall Panels, Natural History of Farm Pets"

This is another of the rare and exceptional original first edition prints of Dr. Martin Wilckens' "Naturgeschichte der Hausthiere" (Natural History of Farm Pets).  They were published in Germany by Theodor Fischer in 1878.  We will be offering another of this type, with a more anatomical nature and vibrant colors.  While published in 1878, these particular prints feel somehow very modern, especially in the white shadowbox frames.   33" l., 33" w.  German, c. 1878  SOLD

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dr. Martin Wilckens; "Wall Panels, Natural History of Farm Pets"

We are very excited to offer these rare and exceptional original first edition prints of Dr. Martin Wilckens' "Naturgeschichte der Hausthiere" (Natural History of Farm Pets).  They were published in Germany by Theodor Fischer in 1878.  We will be offering twelve in total and they were taken from the original folio.  Each print is newly and handsomely framed in a black shadowbox frame.  With the holidays coming up these would make wonderful and unique gifts individually or in multiples.  The frames are all identical sizes.  33" l., 33" w.  German, c. 1878  SOLD




Pine Drop-Leaf Table

Rustic yet refined, beautifully patinated, pine drop-leaf table.  This table has great proportions and would function well as a dining table, work table or desk.  As a dining table it looks great when paired with our set of Gerd Lange chairs.  With both leaves dropped, 46" w., 22" l., 29" h.  Fully extended,  55" l.  Canadian, c. mid 19th c.  SOLD