Thursday, September 25, 2014

Signs of the Times

This week's discoveries and inspiration.......

Having grown up in Pennsylvania, and having most of my family and family of friends involved or tied to the steel industry in one way or another, what is happening in Hamilton today feels very familiar.  Both major steel cities in PA, Bethlehem, where I grew up, and Pittsburgh are experiencing significant urban renewal.  Whether through arts and culture, small business, health care or the tech industry, it is wonderful to see new hope for post-industrial cities and towns.  That being said, it is always a question of how fast, how much, and most importantly, how to make sure people are not left behind with the changes and growth.

This past week, the search for a new space for Michael Thomas, Hamilton took me to many different neighborhoods.  Some are clearly seeing the benefits of change more than others.  In driving through and walking around neighborhoods in the city, it also became clear that there are some very special people here with some very strong roots.  It was great to see the signs of progress, but also very comforting to literally see the signs of the history of this amazing city which is now home.