Monday, April 20, 2020

Genco 'Junior' Table Pinball Game

"Teach your children well...." while they're at home now.  Old sKOOL gaming.  This exceptionally cool Genco 'Junior' pinball game is functioning art.  With its quintessential Art Deco style, this small table game was "designed for any spot in your locations".  If you don't have a candy counter or a cigar counter, we suggest a coffee table or side table.  Not sure if it ever had a backrack or a coin slot.  It likely did, but it's kind of perfect just as it is now.  The mechanism functions and it's got all five of its "full size 1" balls"!  ORDER NOW! ORDER TODAY!
29" l. 16" w., 8.5" h.  American, c. 1937  SOLD
Condition:  Perfectly patinated.
Curbside pick up or physically distancing (masks and gloves) delivery available.