Sunday, January 26, 2020

Edna Reindel 'Summer Day'

Edna Reindel (1894-1990) was an American artist who worked in a variety of media and experimented with a number of styles during her long career.  After graduating from Pratt in 1923, she began working as a commercial illustrator mainly in book and magazine illustration.  Her work included many commissions for House and Garden magazine during the 1930's.  During the same period, her career as a fine artist began to take off.  Her work was exhibited throughout the 1930's and 40's at a number of noted galleries and museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art and in 1938 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  She spent many years working in California and her work was collected by some of Hollywood's old school elite including Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Ray Milland and Hedda Hopper.  This lovely, somewhat Surrealistic, loosely drawn and painted gouache on paper by Reindel is entitled 'Summer Day'.  The frame is original with a new mat and glass.  It likely dates to the late 1940's.  Frame, 23" h., 28" w.  Image, 12" h., 14" w.  $975.00
Condition:  Very good vintage condition. 

 House and Garden Covers by Reindel

 Martha's Vineyard Paintings by Reindel

Painting by Reindel from Elizabeth Taylor's Collection

Curtis Jere Raindrop Tree

This large and very graceful Curtis Jere raindrop tree has all the appeal of their highly sought after abstract raindrop pieces without the 2-7k price tag.  Eight brass rods form the trunk which fans out into many branches.  The raindrop leaves are made up of patinated, multi-toned brass discs.  A natural beauty.  36" h., 38" w., 5" d.  American, c. 1970's  $650.00
Condition:  Very good vintage condition with age appropriate wear.   

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Heart of Glass

Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out had a heart of glass.
Once I had a love and it was divine
Soon found out I was losing my mind.
Once I had a love and it was a gas
Soon turned out to be a pain in the ass.

Curtis Jere Bonsai Tree

Pictures don't really do this one justice.  This is definitely top 5 favorite of Jere pieces.  The very dramatic and energetic bronze trunk, roots and branches are balanced perfectly by the delicate patinated brass lily pad leaves.  The tree sits on a quartz base.  13" h., 16" w., 10" d.   American, c. 1970's  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent vintage condition with age appropriate wear.

Kroehler Chest

Smart little three drawer chest by Kroehler with ebonized metal pulls and an ebonized wood base.  The top has a layer of wood grain laminate that would make this piece perfect to use as a bar.  30" w., 18" d.,  30" h.  American, c. 1960's  $550.00
Condition:  Very good vintage condition with age appropriate wear. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Brass Umbrella Holder

Classic, timeless British brass umbrella holder with lion head decoration.  It's substantial with  a few dings, some areas that are heavily patinated.....lots of character.  Newer professional polish.  21.5" h., 10" diam.  British, c. 1950's  SOLD
Condition:  Good vintage condition with age appropriate wear.

American of Martinsville Stands

Sharp pair of walnut, clean-lined, two drawer stands by American of Martinsville.  Each stand, 22" w., 16" d., 23" h.  American, c. 1960's  SOLD
Condition:  Very good vintage condition with age appropriate wear.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Cartier Serving Tray

Get Swellegant!  If you're looking for a very impressive, but also very affordable, gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday...or a very, very impressive host or hostess gift, we've got you covered.  This polished pewter Cartier serving tray is perfect for serving hors d'ouevres or cocktails, and is suitable for engraving.  It comes in its original red Cartier box with the original Cartier felt pouch.  11" diam.  American, late 20th c. SOLD
Condition:  Very good vintage condition age appropriate wear and light surface scratches.  If you have it engraved, a jeweller will be able to polish out. 

American of Martinsville Chest of Drawers

Another American beauty by American of Martinsville.  This very modern nine drawer chest is clean-lined and minimalist, but at the same time warm and somewhat rich and luxurious feeling in its simplicity.  70" l., 19.5" d., 30.5" h.  American, c. 1960's  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent vintage condition with age appropriate wear. 

Capodimonte Birds

Italian Lovebirds.  Actually, I think they're pheasants, but I kind of love them.  Fine, Capodimonte handpainted, and beautifully detailed, glazed porcelain pheasants.  They'd make a great centerpiece or addition to a bookshelf or tablescape.  18" w., 10" d., 16" h.  Italian, c. 1950's  SOLD
Condition:  Very good vintage condition with age appropriate wear.

Merton Gershun for Dillingham, 'Esprit' Desk

 (Closest to true color)

It's always nice to have original documentation.  The 'Esprit' Collection by Dillingham is often attributed to Milo Baughman.  It was actually designed by Merton Gershun.  This desk from the collection is pretty near perfect.  It's just the right size, with a 'look of classic simplicity and refined good taste', and it's in near mint condition.  It not only has its original cloth label, the original care tag is still stapled to the inside of the top drawer.  The desk has two narrow drawers and a deep file drawer below.  There are ebony accents on the top and bottom of the file drawer which make it appear to float.  The desk is finished on the back so it can be used in the center of a room.
'A contemporary collection so elegantly at home in your chosen surroundings....fashioned for lasting service and pleasure....Esprit by Dillingham.'  Who could ask for anything more?  48" w., 23" d., 29" h.  American, c. 1960's  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent vintage condition with age appropriate wear.   

Friday, January 10, 2020

Engraving of Sir Alexander MacDonald

Part of what drew me to this piece was the label on the back of it.  Part of what I love about this business, a big part, is the research into the history of a piece and imagining the life it has lived.  Part of that imagining is about the home or homes in which it has lived and part is about the owners.  Sometimes I know about both when I'm purchasing a piece, but often times not.  In this case, thanks to Google, I was able to find out a little about the most recent owner of this engraving, and I thought it would be nice to share.  Her name was Lucy Gould Butterbaugh and she passed away a few years ago at the age of 90.  She was 'an accomplished golfer and devoted mother, who touched many lives.  She always wanted to help people -strangers or not- and was truly selfless.  She was a supportive friend, dedicated educator and a force to be reckoned with.  Her generous spirit and playfulness will be sorely missed."  Looking at that wonderful photo of her and that infectious smile, I am imagining she was the teacher that students went back to visit long after they had graduated.  She also has that 'playful' twinkle in her eye of 'a force to be reckoned with.'  So now we know a little bit about Lucy. Here's a bit about her engraving.  This charming (and rare, according to Lucy) engraving of a young Sir Alexander MacDonald holding a long nose golf club is after a painting which is in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.  Alexander was the son of Sir Alexander MacDonald of MacDonald, a Highland chieftain with estates on the Isle of Skye.  While Lucy dates the engraving to 1892, other references place it earlier, around 1860.  It would make a wonderful gift for a golfer, particularly a Scottish one, or maybe a favorite teacher.  21.25" h., 18.25" w.  SOLD
Condition:  Very good vintage condition with age appropriate wear.