Tuesday, May 3, 2016

David Blackwood; Newfoundland

Our May windows celebrate the work of internationally acclaimed artist and Master Printmaker David Blackwood.  Our inspiration for the backdrop to his etchings came while looking through Black Ice, the book which accompanied his 2011 exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Black Ice; David Blackwood Prints of Newfoundland.  Early in the book is a photograph of David Blackwood's studio in Wesleyville, Newfoundland.  The photograph is striking and at first glance looks like a painting with the deep red of the studio and its black roof and white trim set against a background of pale sky, shimmering icy blue sea and lush green grasses.  In our interpretation, one window of the studio looks out to the land and the other looks to the sea.  In keeping with the spirit of Newfoundland, everything was handmade and hand-painted.  The etchings featured are Passing the Rostellan and Wesleyville from the Alder Ridge.

David Blackwood's studio, Wesleyville, Newfoundland, September 2009

Passing the 'Rostellan', 2013
21" x 26" framed

Wesleyville from the Alder Ridge, 2009
26.5" x 21" framed