Wednesday, January 3, 2018

John Mascheroni for Swaim; Upholstered Bench

John Mascheroni is a Pratt Institute educated, American designer whose father was an Italian craftsman.  Mascheroni is a descendent of generations of Italian artisans and learned woodworking by making European reproductions at his father's studio in Brooklyn.  In the 1960's he developed an interest in contemporary furniture influenced mainly by the work of George Nelson and Charles Eames.  He believed both men were "true designers" who understood the manufacturing process.  In 1973, he partnered with Swaim Inc. to create their first contemporary collection.  It was very well received, and so successful that Bloomingdale's gave it exclusive space in its 59th and Lex., Manhattan store.  We're not sure if this piece was part of that collection, but it dates to about the same time, mid-seventies.  The style is modern yet timeless.  The original velvet upholstery feels modern as well, in rich tones of blues and browns.  It is very comfortable, with or without the removable bolster cushion.  48" w., 22" d., 33" h.  American, c. 1970's SOLD
Condition:  Excellent vintage condition.
"Designing upholstery is not just playing with shapes, it's playing with scale and proportion.  The three things that are paramount for success are style, fabric, and the experience of sitting in it.  If you fail the last of the three, as a designer, you're dead."  -John Mascheroni