Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bernice Fenwick Martin; Waterfall Near Morrison Lake (Muskoka)

I didn't know too much about Canadian Art when I moved here 25 years ago.  Even though my degree was in Art History, never once was a Canadian artist mentioned in school.  No discussion of Group of 7, Painters 11, etc.  One of my favourite parts of MTA has been the discovery of the abundance of exceptional art here in Canada, both historical and contemporary.  In particular, I have loved finding and researching paintings by women artists who were contemporaries of and painted with the Group of 7.  They were under appreciated at the time and for many years after, but are finally beginning to receive proper recognition.  One such artist was Bernice Fenwick Martin.

Waterfall Near Morrison Lake (Muskoka)
Oil on board
17.5" x 14" framed